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The Curriculum Focus/Educational Value of Jazz for Juniors has been designed to meet many of the music expectations of the Ontario Arts Curriculum while also maximizing student participation and facilitating questions.

The program:

  1. demonstrates the basic elements of music and music terminology (melody, harmony, rhythm, improvisation) through games and performances
  2. features music from various cultures (African, Asian, European, North and South American) and historical periods (from 1940s Bebop to present day Hip-Hop)
  3. demonstrates a variety of instrument families (strings, vocals, percussion) and even allows selected students the opportunity to try the instruments
  4. involves the students in singing and clapping along to familiar songs while musical elements are explained and manipulated to change the overall effect and mood

In addition, the students are taught about the importance of cooperation with peers in a band and about individual practice. Jazz for Juniors is an excellent primer for students about to enter band programs and a great source of inspiration for those already involved in music.

Most importantly, J4J relates jazz and improvisation to the popular music of today with examples, whether it be Hip Hop or Punk.

Jazz for Juniors is an ideal activity for events such as Black History Month, Music and Arts weeks, or as a treat during Report Card times for both teachers and students. The group can also modify its program to incorporate elements of lessons being taught in the particular schools or be augmented with other musicians/instruments at the request of the schools.