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PPF House

We make music, animation, art, and design for ourselves and others. Past and Present clients include Disney, Nike, Freemantle Media, UN-habitat, the National Film Board of Canada, Teletoon, the CBC, O.I.T., Remix Taipei, David Binney, Donny McCaslin and others. Meanwhile, we have garnered numerous awards and critical-acclaim for such independent initiatives as the Worst Pop Band Ever, the Blast, 037993, Jazz 4 Jrs, and numerous comics and animated shorts (including the 2007 Tokyo Anime Fair Grand-Prix winner, Flutter).

We are based in Toronto and Taipei.

We are brothers, for now.

Tim Shia

Tim makes music. Sometimes it is good and acclaimed, and gets featured on *allaboutjazz, Canadian Musician,, CBC, Toronto Star, NOW Magazine and TEDx;* used in films for the *Governor General Awards, the NFB, CBC, Teletoon, The Toronto Public Library and Disney;* and even reaches #1 on college radio charts. Other times it is bad. We don't talk about those times. Aside from providing music/sound design for film and television with **PPF**, or playing drums for international artists, Grammy and Juno winners (and losers), like *Michael Herring, Kevin Barrett, Amanda Martinez, Ron Davis, Elizabeth Shepherd, Laila Biali, David Buchbinder, Julie Michels, SOSS (taiwan), Shan VDP, , Bret Higgins, Rhonda Stakich, Carol Welsman, Nathan Hiltz, Quique Escamilla, Rebecca Hennessy, Hisaska (Japan),* *Chris Hunt, Don Scott, Donne Roberts, Emma Cook, Andrew Rasmussen, Allison Au, Milosh, Kevin Clarke (US), James Roberstson, Fred Spek, Beverly Taft, Scott Marshall,* and *Rich Underhill*, Tim also leads a band called [**the Worst Pop Band Ever** ]( with Chris Gale, Adrean Farrugia, Dafydd Hughes, Drew Birston and LEO37; co-leads **[Shiverbeck](** with Nick Zubeck and Mark Laver; and runs **[Jazz for Juniors](**, a program that teaches younger folk about jazz. Tim is a [*Dream Cymbal*]( and *[Headhunter Sticks](* endorsee. He produced and hosted the series "Jazz is What?!" for Jazz Fm 91.1 in 2019 and is an occasional host for "the Worst Jazz Program Ever" on Istolethesoul FM. He lives in Toronto with his lovely wife and three feral children.

Howie Shia

Howie is a Toronto-based illustrator, animator, writer, and director. A Chalmer's Award Nominee, his short films have won several awards around the world including the 2007 Grand Prix at the Tokyo Anime Fair for ***Flutter.*** Howie has been the executive creative producer on various creator-driven projects with Disney, UN-Habitat, Freemantle and more and his illustrations have been the face of projects for likes of Nike, Donny McCaslin and David Binney. His last film for the NFB, ***BAM***, debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2015. His latest short film, ***Marco's Oriental Noodles***, was part of Jesse Wente's ***Keep Calm and Decolonize*** series for CBC. ***Gods & Greens Vol.1*,** a collection of comic strips, was recently published by **Animator Made Publishing** in Los Angeles. Howie is presently developing several short films, 3 graphic novels, and a daughter with endless questions and a less quizzical baby boy.

Leo Shia

Leo/LEO37 is a Taipei-based songwriter, emcee, turntablist, designer and director. He leads Golden Melody nominated, Sony artists, S.O.S.S. and is one half of ***037993.*** His various collaborations have allowed him to release: 3 solo albums, 1 album with S.O.S.S., 8 digital releases, headline tours and festivals through 11 countries, collaborate with some of Asia's leaders in street culture (as both a designer and endorsee) including: **REMIX** - *U.N.I.* (*TW*), **O.I.T.** - *FILTRD* (*TW, JP*) **MJ FRESH -** #DYWM One Year Anniversary (*TW) &* **AFIRE** - B1993R (*TW*) as well as being a founding member of ***The Blast*** who were responsible for cultural movements ***#DYWM** (Do You Want More?!)* and ***NIKE's*** 6-week street culture exhibition ***Summer Nights*** held in Taipei. Having shared the stage with an eclectic mix of artists ranging from *Raekwon & Ghostface Killah* (of the *Wu-Tang Clan*) to *the Bad Plus to Louis Cole to Dean Beanz* and drawing inspiration from the careers of artists like Miles Davis, the Soulquarians, the Native Tongues, Radiohead and Björk. LEO37 strives for forward-thinking, content-driven music with a thick groove. Be it as a solo performer, a producer or director, his range is deep and diverse, offering forth an inspired and unique voice for our times.